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We build the company coporation to spread our dreams in last.

I love Giever like you visit. GiE give new materials, products and circumstance system for u

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Welcome To Our Site


Welcome to Giever.

Our dream is to develop new materials super-upgrading the properites of materials & to offer more perfermanace products and the system checking your circumstance smartly


Our Projects


  • Graphene Powder

  • Carbon (At %): 15 ~ 80

  • Dismension: 10~300 µm

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  • Graphene Powder

  • Carbon (At %): 15 ~ 50

  • Dismension: 100~300 µm

  • Point

  • Graphene Powder

  • Carbon (At %): 55 ~ 80

  • Dismension: 100~300 µm

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GiEVER Co.PO Box 22689 #D205 Environmental Industry Research Complex, 410 Jeongseojin-ro Seo-gu, Incheon Republic of Korea

Phone: (032) 873-6010